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Syllabus for EDS (Compulsory)

(Compulsory)                                                                Marks : 100

1. Introduction

    Nature of Science;
    Brief History of Science with special reference to contribution of Muslims in the evolution and development of science:
    Impact of science on society.

2. The Physical Sciences

        (a) Constituents and Structure: “Universe, Galaxy.  Solar system, Sun, Earth. Minerals
        (b) Processes of Nature —Solar and Lunar Eclipses Day and Night and their variation
        (c) Energy: sources and resources of Energy conservation

                (i) Ceramics, Plastics, Semiconductors
                (ii) Radio. Television, Telephones, Camera, Laser, Microscope.
                (iii) Computers, Satellites;
                (iv) Antibiotics, Vaccines, Fertilizers, Pesticides,

3. Biological Sciences

    The basis of life:  the cell, chromosomes, genes, nucleic acids.
    The building blocks:- Proteins. Harmones and other nutrients Concept of balanced diet. Metabolism.
    Survey of Plant and Animal Kingdom:- a brief survey of plant and animal kingdom to pinpoint similarities and diversities in nature.
    The Human body: a brief account of human Physiology, Human behaviour.

Suggested Books:

  •     Exploring life Sciences by Turber, Kilburn & Howell
  •     Exploring Physical Sciences by Turber, Kilburn & Howell
  •     Guide to Science by Isaac Asimov
  •     Science Restated by Cassidy
  •     Principles of Animal Biology by Khan, M. Rafiq


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