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Screening Test for CE-2015
Screening Test for CSS Competitive Examination – 2015

It is notified for information of intending candidates that FPSC will hold a Screening test to sift candidates for CSS written examination‐2015. The screening test will be of 3 hours duration comprising MCQs of 200 marks. The contents of screening test are based on English, General Abilities, General Knowledge (Everyday Science, Current Affairs, Pakistan Affairs) and Islamiat. The contents of the syllabus are the same as already prescribed for Competitive Examination. 

Part-I: English (weightage = 20%)
Vocabulary, Grammar usage, Comprehension

Part-II: General Abilities (weightage = 20%)
a) Basic Arithmetic, Algebra and Geometry, (SSC Level)
b) Logical Reasoning and Analytical Ability
c) General Mental Ability

Part-III: General Knowledge (weightage 15x3 = 45%)
a) Everyday Science (15%)
b) Current Affairs (15%)
c) Pakistan Affairs (15%)

Part-IV: Islamiat (weightage = 15%)

Note: (i). The detailed syllabi of topics (part-I, III & IV) are the same as for compulsory subjects.
(ii). The non muslim candidate may not attempt part-IV Islamiat, their marks in Pakistan Affairs part-III (c) shall be counted in lieu of Islamiat i.e. their marks in Pakistan Affairs shall be doubled.

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Screening Test
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Screening Test
Everyday Science
Screening Test
Pakistan Affairs
Screening Test
Current Affairs
Screening Test
Screening Test
General Knowledge
Screening Test
General Abilities
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